Next Stop: #enjoytheswitch at CASE IH with @Braincheck_01 in #Paris

How do you combine “focussing” and “seeing new opportunities”? How do you hold yourself when you just secured a government deal and then the government is dismissed and a new one is in place before the ink under the contract is dry? How do you cope with a change that will have your future tractors drive autonomously? What do you do to interest people in technical equipment when they are used to doing everything by animal labour? Quite a few questions. Quite tough ones, too. So, the Braincheck team set out to create keynote speech that was at the same time a psychological intervention. It did not only inform people in the hallmark interactive way a Braincheck speech would always do; it included quick wins that enabled a real change in mindset. A chance to enjoy the switch. And they did. Anything else? Yes. As it was the first time, that Dr. Carl Naughton spoke to business leaders dealing in farming, harvesting, spraying and… As one of the founding members of #catchcurios, he thorougly enjoyed acting on his own curiosity and diving deep into this world. Coz: you never cease to learn about the world if you can kindle your own mind´s fire.