Next Stop: Rohde & Schwarz is on its way to #catchcurious with Dr. Carl Naughton

45 minutes is not a hell of a lot of time to get the message across and inspire. But Dr. Naughton is invited to kindle the fire of curiosity in the worldwide leadership teams in order for them to successfully tackle new developments and changing markets. Apart from the research and consulting approaches of his own team at Braincheck  he will be revealing the latest findings of the Merck Curiosity Council. Thus, when it comes to developing interest to learn and openness for new perspectives nothing is better suited than a brief, intense and energy-laden intervention by an educational scientist and at the same time experienced stage actor.

Rohde & Schwarz is – amongst other things – the global market leader in energy-efficient terrestrial transmitters, the leading supplier of fully IP based encoding and multiplexing platform servicing amongst others the BBC, the ARD or NBC to name but a few.